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This vs. Next

I’m a person of efficiency. I have limited time on this earth, and I try to minimize unnecessary interaction and undue clarification whenever possible. I’ve found that throughout life I’ve been plagued with the scourge that is the general fuzziness concerning designating upcoming days of the week. That is to say, what exactly does ‘Next’ Thursday actually mean? The coming Thursday, or the Thursday after next? I’ve found that people interpret this question and others like it in different ways

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Fair warning... I love food and food-related discussion. This blog will contain many consumable-oriented posts. On the whole I am eating healthier these days due to my advancing age and waistline, so you may see some dietary twists and turns betwixt the musings-- however you can bet your sweet country ass

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Moviepass: An Update.

As you may or may not know, I am an early adopter of the lower-priced Moviepass subscription product released in 2017 (Moviepass itself has been around for years, though not at the $9.95/month price point which is what got everyone in a mild tizzy). For the uninitiated, this is one of the great subscription services of our time, perhaps the greatest — an earth-shattering seismic event smashing and rippling

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