Oh Hi…I didn’t see you there.

Welcome to evanlessler.com. This is a blog. As the title would suggest, I am Evan Lessler. Quite possibly the only Evan Lessler on earth as of this writing (based solely on periodic Google searches). I have shared my thoughts on various platforms throughout my life, but up until now have never had a dedicated blog with which to do so.

Why start a blog? Well, its a project that has been a consideration of mine for a long time, but one in which I hadn’t opted to fully delve into until now. Typically when I have the craving to post content of note, Facebook has been the convenient candidate, and one that has served me well over the years. It’s already in a familiar format, it’s relatively private and I have a captive audience of friends and family to consume it. Also working against the blog format is that I knew if I started, I would be tasked with upkeeping it on a regular basis, much like the responsibilities associated with a pet or small child to prevent them from perishing of hunger and/or neglect. There are few things I dislike more than becoming a fan of a website/blog/podcast that is not frequently updated. Once I commit, I have to be in it to win it. And frankly, I know myself — I can get lazy.

At the core of my desire to start maintaining a blog is that it is more ‘opt-in’ than Facebook. When content is posted to Facebook by someone on your friends list, you are more or less required to view it at some point (as chosen by the algorithm, and given that you are not blocking certain feeds). With a blog, while I might promote it through social channels, one would have to actually click a link and/or visit the site voluntarily in order to read the full content. This approach suits me better, as it is less invasive, and those who are truly interested in my thoughts will know where to find them. Secondarily, a WordPress-or-similar style platform has category grouping mechanisms, is easily searchable and archives the content nicely.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoy my blog. It will be a more cohesive collection of thoughts on a hopefully somewhat-consistent basis. Feedback, comments, and thoughts are always appreciated. Special shout to Arnelle for kicking me to get this going as well as getting the technical aspects of the site up and running. Hooray!

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