Wind Ruins (almost) Everything.

I have cataloged the various pros and cons of wind. That list is below. Please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Pros: Flying kites, sailing, wind turbines, photo/video shoots requiring blown hair, and cooling one’s skin on a very hot day.

Cons: Making an otherwise perfect day cold, blowing leaves everywhere, blowing sand everywhere, blowing snow everywhere, blowing smoke everywhere, blowing dust everywhere, messing up hair, causing papers to fly out of hands and off tables, flipping umbrellas inside out, knocking over trash cans, causing hats and clothing to fly up/off, having to yell for people to hear you, hurting good fire (matches, lighters, and birthday candles), helping bad fire (wildfire), making already wet clothes clingy and really cold, causing scary, howling noises at night, drying out eyes, blowing unsecured napkins off of park picnic tables, messing up photos, making ashes poured out of urns miss their intended target(s), making walking difficult, and chapping lips. The end.

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